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Michael Tankovich
Asst. Athletic Trainer for Seattle Seahawks

“I’ve changed my thinking on movement. It used to be very structured [with] movement time and workout time… Now I see opportunities for play and movement in everyday life. It’s definitely made me a lot happier. It’s exciting and fun to see something cool and go try it. I think that’s one of the neatest things, rediscovering that passion for movement. It definitely opened up my eyes and was something I wanted to try and do to move more like a human.”

Justin Sweeney
Winner of the West Coast Parkour Championship

I began my parkour experience under Rafe’s coaching as a novice, and now even as an advanced traceur, he continues to inspire and encourage my growth as an athlete. Without a doubt, my steady progression towards the athlete I am today has been accelerated thanks to Rafe. Even my current coaching style has rooted from the days when Rafe was my mentor. He and I both share an interest in the biomechanics behind what gives movement it’s quality – his curiosity and diligence on studying the matter in a methodical way has inspired me to develop a similar, in-depth approach to my own coaching.”

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Take Your Natural Movement Practice to the Next Level

Simple six-week roadmap to natural movement mastery

Stay consistent with daily mindful movement practices

Know where to go with detailed training location scouting guides Track your practice and farm insights with post-session mindfulness journals.

Keep track of each and every session with downloadable/printable session sheets.

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Reach New Heights in The Core Skill Trees

Climbing: How to safely learn to climb, starting with simple objects like playground equipment and progressing from there 

Ground Flow: How to move around the ground with ease while building functional mobility and strength

Vaulting: How to master different types of vaults and pass-unders so that you can traverse any type of terrain in your natural environment 

Jumping: How to adopt the correct technique for different types of jumps and other explosive movements 

Falling/Rolling: How to properly protect yourself and minimize the chance of injury during a slip, trip or fall.

Flow & Route Building: How to string movements together into complex routes and implement the elements of flow into your practice